Mobile App Ecosystem Webinar – Sept. 13th at 4pm EST

Future of Privacy Forum & World Privacy Forum: Mobile App Ecosystem Webinar

Participants in the NTIA Multistakeholder Process working to create a code of conduct for App Transparency have expressed strong interest in holding technical briefings that would provide information about app data flows and business models.

To help provide a better understanding and transparency of the workings of the app ecosystem, the Future of Privacy Forum and World Privacy Forum have arranged a briefing to provide the consumer advocacy, business and policy stakeholders with an overview of how and why apps access consumer data and how data may be used for both functional and commercial purposes.

Mobile App Ecosystem Briefing

Thursday, Sept 13th
4pm-5:45pm EST

Space is limited. Register now!



Pam Dixon, Executive Director, World Privacy Forum
Jules Polonetsky, Director and Co-Chair, Future of Privacy Forum

Nathan Good, PhD, Chief Scientist at Good Research
Ron Soffer, Independent App Developer, former app developer for WebMD
Adam Towvim & Matt Tengler, VP of Business Development & Product Director at Jumptap
Lia Sheena, Legal & Policy Fellow at the Future of Privacy Forum

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