Almost all app stores, platforms, and wireless providers have privacy requirements for applications that transmit data. Check out our App Stores and Platforms and Wireless Providers privacy requirements pages for more information.

Platforms, app stores, and wireless providers have their own and different rules about the collection and use of customer information. Violating these terms of services can get you in trouble with the platform or app store, especially as recent legal developments indicate a push for app distributors to take more responsibility for the actions of app developers. You also risk incurring costly government penalties for not meeting reasonable consumer expectations about how their information will be treated.

We don’t believe that application distributors should be legally responsible for controlling third party apps via mandate. However, apps that misbehave encourage government intervention.  To avoid this, developers can take responsibility for their own apps by designing and developing a privacy-conscious applications. Protecting consumers’ privacy shelters you from liability, distinguishes your brand identity, and demonstrates respect for consumers.  

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