The Tendril Connect Application Developer website provides application developers with a platform and resources to build and launch smart grid and home third party applications. Developers must comply with Tendrils 1) Terms for use of Tendril’s APIs, (Terms for Use) and its 2) Application Development Rules (see bottom of web page) that will run on the Tendril platform.

  • Privacy Requirements
    • Privacy Policy:  Developers are required to abide by Tendril’s privacy policy and include it in the application they develop.
    • Use and Consent: If your Application retrieves a user’s data from Tendril, you understand and agree that you must obtain each user’s explicit consent to do so and may only use such data for that limited purpose(s) for which you have received permission (Terms for Use, Section 7).
    • Third Parties:
      • If your Application retrieves a user’s data from Tendril or a third party, such as a utility, you must obtain the explicit consent to use such data from Tendril, the third party or the user. This data is referred to as “Licensed Data.”
      • Your Application may only use Licensed Data to provide services using your Application to the end user; the Licensed Data cannot be used separately from Your Application.
      • You shall not sublicense the Licensed Data to any third party and shall not use or disclose any information derived from the License Data for any purpose.
      • You shall not use any part of the Licensed Data to create a database separate from Your Application or feed all or part of the Licensed Data to any third party for any separate use. (App Development Rules, Use of Data)
  • Useful Resources
    • Developer Terms of Use (link includes Terms of Use for Tendril’s API as well as the App Development Rules at bottom of page)



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