Twitter is a public information network and communication system. The Twitter platform provides access to data on Twitter through its APIs, and allows developers to build and extend applications based on those APIs. The Developer Rules of the Road (last updated June 11, 2011) describe the policies developers must follow regarding content and information shared on Twitter.

  • Privacy Requirements
    • Privacy Policy: Your Service must have a privacy policy that clearly discloses what you are doing with information you collect from users. (Section 3(A))
    • Use and Consent: “Respect the privacy and sharing settings of Twitter Content. Do not share, or encourage or facilitate the sharing of protected Twitter Content. Promptly change your treatment of Twitter Content (for example, deletions, modifications, and sharing options) as changes are reported through the Twitter API.” (Section 1(D)) Do not facilitate or encourage the publishing of private or confidential information. (Section 3(D))
    • Location Data: “Clearly disclose when you are adding location information to a user’s Tweets, whether as a geotag or annotations data. Be clear about whether you are adding a place or specific coordinates. If your application allows users to Tweet with their location be sure that it complies with [Twitter’s] best practices.” (Section 3(B); 4(E)
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