The T-Mobile Partner Network Portal (PNP) helps app developers reach T-Mobile subscribers and  supports the following 3rd party platform app stores: Android Market, BlackBerry App World, Ovi Store and Windows Marketplace. To use the PNP, app developers must follow requirements in the T-Mobile Partner Network Participation Agreement for Mobile Applications (“Agreement”). The Agreement is not a public document, however, this page lists key privacy requirements for developers who wish to distribute their applications and services through the PNP based on the Agreement, version 1.4.

  • Privacy Requirements:
    • Privacy Policy: Developers must  maintain and prominently make available to subscribers a privacy policy governing its collection and use of subscriber information. (Agreement, Section 9)
    • Use, Consent and Disclosure: Developers must not use or disclose any subscriber information in any manner that is prohibited by applicable law. Company will not collect any personally identifiable information from subscribers or any information stored on subscribers’ wireless devices without the subscribers’ knowledge and prior consent. (Agreement, Section 9)
    • Location Data
      • Third Party Access: If the LBS mobile app is permitted to disclose device location to any third party (any persons other than the user or the developer), the developer must 1) obtain affirmative, on-device consent from the user; 2) provide periodic on-device reminders that device location information is being shared; 2) inform the user of their privacy options regarding such sharing; and 4) provide an on-device mechanism through which a user can revoke prior consent to sharing location information with third parties. (Agreement, Section 2.1.2)
      • Child Protections:  If your app is intended for a parent/guardian to monitor the device location of a minor, the developer must: 1) obtain on-device consent from the parent/guardian for the app to share the device location information with the parent/guardian; 2) provide periodic on device reminders that the device location is being shared; and 3) provide password protected on-device mechanism for the parent/guardian to revoke prior consent to share device location. (Agreement, Section 2.1.3)
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