BlackBerry App World is an application marketplace and application by Research In Motion (RIM) for BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry Developer Zone is a resource for developers to get tools and information to develop, test and distribute apps for the BlackBerry Application Platform. Applications must comply with the BlackBerry App World Vendor Guidelines, the BlackBerry SDK License Agreement, and the BlackBerry World Vetting Criteria.

Privacy Requirements

  • Privacy Policy:  You are required to have a privacy policy that explains your privacy practices to users. (SDK License Agreement, Section 22)
  • Use and Consent:  You must provide notice to and obtain consent from your users with respect to any personal information collected, used, processed, transmitted, displayed, stored or disclosed by you and your application. You can only use end user data or personal information in accordance with the purpose for which it was provided.  (SDK License Agreement, Section 22)
  • Location Data: Applications that offer or are used with location based services must notify and obtain consent from the end user before you do anything with it (that is, before you collect, transmit, process, display, disclose, maintain, or use the data). You must comply with any applicable LBS privacy and data protection legislation. And if the user withdraws consent, you nor the app can do anything more with the information. (SDK License Agreement, Section 7(i))
  • If your app collects any personal information from end users, you must provide a URL to your privacy policy during submission of the app. (Vetting Criteria, Section 11)
  • Your app may not collect personal user information that is not necessary, without offering the user an option not to provide such details and/or without complete transparency as to what the information will be used for. (Vetting Criteria, Section 11)
  • Apps with location-based functionality must seek end user’s consent prior to the collection and use of the end user’s location information (Vetting Criteria, Section 11)
  • Apps may not spy or track users without them being notified/aware (Vetting Criteria, Section 11)
  • Apps may not send any form of communication on behalf of the user without the user’s consent in regards to content and recipient (Vetting Criteria, Section 11)

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