Use these resources to help safeguard your mobile privacy and security.

Whisper Systems (Android) Security

WhisperCore integrates with the underlying Android OS to protect everything you keep on your phone. This initial beta features full disk encryption and basic platform management tools for Nexus S phones. WhisperCore presents a simple and unobstrusive interface to users, while providing powerful security and management APIs for developers.

appWatchDog by ViaForensics

This site rates top apps using forensics to improve data security and protect users. Read their findings from objective analysis of various publicly available mobile apps.

Lookout Mobile Security and Privacy

Privacy Advisor gives insight into which apps access private data, and will help you keep track of all the great (and not so great) apps on your phone.   It includes three primary components: a Privacy Scan, Privacy Dashboard, and detailed App Reports.  With Privacy Advisor, you can scan every app you’ve downloaded and quickly view a comprehensive list of apps that can access your private data, such as identity information, location, and messages.  If you need more information, detailed app reports explain the risks and capabilities of each application you download.

Common Sense Media App Ratings

iPhone apps seem to arrive faster than you can say, “There’s an app for that.” But which ones are age appropriate for your kids? Our reviews guide you toward the best apps for kids, including family games, educational apps, puzzle apps, free apps, and more. Whatever your device – iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android, or another smartphone – we’ll help you load it up with age-appropriate apps your kids will love – and you can feel good about.

NetSafety Android Application

Net Safety Tips On The Go makes it easy to keep up with online privacy, safety, and security issues on your Android phone. This app provides quick, practical, friendly advice for you and your family. It’s delivered in easy-to-digest portions — one tip at a time — to help you use the Internet and your phone safely. You set the frequency for receiving new tips. One a day? One a week? Whenever you choose. Your status bar will notify you when they’ve arrived.

Facebook’s Application Help Center

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Facebook offers 1000’s of applications for millions of users every day.  Visit Facebook’s application help center to learn more about how to manage your applications and how each application uses your personal information to provide you with valuable experiences and information.

In addition, it is important that you control who get’s to see your personal information.   Please take a moment to learn more about how to manage your privacy settings on Facebook by going to the Privacy settings fundamentals section at

Social Monitoring from

Social Monitoring from is an application that monitors your actions on the Internet to make sure you are protected before you let any malicious software into your social graph. Through advanced monitoring, we see when applications try to connect to your profile, alerting you to the potential information they might gather, what the developers reputation is, and providing you with the Recommendation for that application.

MyPermissions Browser Extension

This web browser extension is “your personal cloud security company making your information safe from those who shouldn’t have access to it. This product automatically scans your permissions, alerts you when new apps gain access to your personal info and can even clean those permissions for you. 

Privacy Inspector and Privacy Blocker (Android)

Privacy Inspector is a free app lets you take a closer look at the kind of data your phone’s apps are accessing. The developer of Privacy Inspector also offers a paid version called Privacy Blocker. It has all the features of Inspector, but also offers the ability to “fix” the privacy problems it finds in scanned apps; basically, it rewrites the apps and changes the offending code.

Read this article for more information.


Third Party Applications to Protect Your Privacy In Facebook

There are a number of third party applications that you can install in Facebook to help you protect your privacy and against  spam.

1. Norton Safeweb

The Norton Safe Web for Facebook application scans your current news feeds to see if they contain links that are unsafe for you or your friends to click on. The scan results help you easily see which links are rated safe and which are risky.

2. BitDefender SafeGo

An application designed to protect the privacy and shared content of online socialites. Beta version available on Facebook.


This is a tool that can be used to block your comments on Facebook from Facebook itself.  As discussed in a recent Wall Streel Journal article:

A new tool on Facebook lets users prevent their comments and posts from being seen by unwanted viewers — including Facebook itself.

The tool, called, works like this: Users get the app and activate it on Facebook with a bookmark. Then they write a comment and choose which of their friends can see it. Instead of the comment being posted normally on Facebook, posts a message saying that the comment is encrypted and can be seen by clicking on a link. Only those friends who are allowed to see the message can decode it when the link is clicked; even Facebook doesn’t have access.

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