OpenFeint is a social platform for iOS and Android that allows developers to implement social features in their game applications by integrating them with the OpenFeint API. There are two support documents for the different platforms OpenFeint supports: 1) ReadMe for OpenFeint iOS SDK 2.12.3 (last updated Oct. 4, 2011) and 2) OpenFeint Android SDK 1.10.2 (last updated Sept. 8, 2011).

  • Privacy Requirements
    • Privacy Policy: OpenFeint developers for both iOS and Android platforms must “implement an appropriate privacy policy” to address user-privacy issues.
    • Collection and Use of Data: Developers must inform users of all information collected by the developer and OpenFeint, AND the uses for which the developers and OpenFeint are collecting the information. The types of information collected by OpenFeint are located here.  Developers must inform users of these collection and use practices even if the users do not opt in to the OpenFeint system.
    • UDID: As replacement for the UDID on iOS devices, OpenFeint introduced the OpenFeint Unique Identifier (OFUID). Users that opt-in to the OpenFeint system provide access to the OFUID, a universal account system for the gaming network’s cross-platform users. Developers can use the OFUID to track users across apps.
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