Opera Mobile Store is a web-based, cross platform mobile app store that supports Google Android, Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry platforms, as well as netbook and tablet applications. The Opera Publisher Portal provides developers with a resource to create and distribute their apps.

In September 2011, Opera acquired Handster Inc., a leading mobile application store platform company. To use the Opera Mobile Store, developers must follow the privacy terms in the Handster Standard Software Distribution Agreement (last updated 09/29/2011).

  • Privacy Requirements
    • Privacy Policy: If end users provide the app developer with end user information (usernames, passwords, other log-in information, or other personally identifiable information) the developer must make their end users aware that the information will be available to the developer, and the developer must provide legally adequate privacy notice and protection of that information for those end users.  (Section 2.2(a))
    • Consent and Use of Data: Developers can only use end user information for the limited purposes for which the end user has given consent, and the developer cannot use the information in a manner that would violate their privacy policy or the Publisher’s privacy policy. (Section 2.2(b))
    • Data Retention: If the developer stores end user information or other sensitive information, it must do so securely and for only as long as it is needed. (Section 2.2(c))
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