The Intel AppUp Center app store is a marketplace for Intel Atom powered devices including netbooks, tablets, and smartphones. The free Intel AppUp developer program provides app developers with guidance on how to develop and sell applications for Intel products. Supported platforms include Adobe Air, Debian Moblin Native, and Windows Native.

Intel provides two documents relevant to app developer privacy obligations:

1. Application Validation Guidelines (AVG) and 

2. Privacy Requirements and Recommendations for App Development (PRR).

  • Privacy Requirements
    • Privacy Policy – If your application collects any personal information, the user must be notified about what is being collected, why it is being collected (purpose) and whether the information will be shared with anyone else. (Section 1.1 of PRG).  Apps that collect personal information without a privacy policy that explains how and why personal information is gathered and disclosed will be rejected. (Section 2.2 of AVG)
    • Collection and Use of Data –  Applications that access or share user information without consent will be rejected. This includes contacts, phone numbers, photos, SMS or other text communication, browsing history, location information and other data stored on the mobile device or stored in the cloud but accessible from the mobile device. (Section 2.2 of AVG
      • Before any personal information collection, you should clearly define the reason why you need to collect personal information prior to obtaining it from an individual. You may not use personal information for any other reason than the purpose specified to the individual at the time of collection without their prior consent, including secondary uses, like direct marketing purposes. (Section 3.1 of PRG)
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