Privacy by Design (PbD) is a concept developed by Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian. In the 1990s she began to address the ever-growing and systemic effects of Information and Communication Technologies and large–scale networked data systems concerns. The PbD framework states that companies should promote consumer privacy throughout their organizations and at every stage of the development of their products and services in an effort to better protect consumers.


PbD continues to gain traction as the recommended solution for companies releasing new products or services. Many companies often struggle with transforming these high-level principles into an actionable system of confirming that their practices adequately protect consumer privacy. In an effort to further examine the effectiveness of design decisions companies have made, a deeper look into users’ attitudes could help shape the future of product designs that will serve to benefit consumers. Much consumer research has been conducted on present consumer attitudes toward policy. While this research is beneficial, it would be equally valuable to study consumers’ underlying motivations and behaviors.


The Future of Privacy Forum has launched a PbD initiative, Design For Trust, that focuses on the design part of the process.


Dr. Ann Cavoukian on Privacy By Design

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