Smart Grid & Home Application Developer Resources

The development of smart grid and smart home applications is rapidly expanding as smart grid technology continues to grow in use. These applications provide important functionality for consumers and utilities, but also raise unique user privacy issues. Use this page as a resource for staying on top of current privacy and business issues related to smart grid technology and app developers.

  • What is the Smart Grid?
    • The term smart grid refers to a new system that manages utility consumption through remote computerization and automation. Using this technology, utility providers, users, or third party service providers can now remotely monitor and control the use of electricity and other utilities in each home or business. For more resources on general smart grid technology, check out the FPF Smart Grid page.
  • What are the main user privacy concerns about smart grid technology?
    • Smart readers continuously measure utility use of homes and other locations. The information derived from this can easily be linked to individuals and families, who may object to potentially invasive behavioral monitoring. For example, in January 2012, two amateur hackers announced that they were able to determine which devices were used in a home and which television shows and movies were watched – all within two days. Smart readers have privacy and security implications that result in consumer identification.
  • What can smart grid developers do to protect themselves from liability?
    • This is an exciting and potentially very profitable new market for app developers. Because it is such a new area, however, smart grid & home developers should take care to implement privacy by design measures when developing their apps, and as always, developers should comply with existing industry best practices and guidelines
  • What resources are available for smart grid app developers? 
    • Developers can also use the Tendril Connect Application Developer website, the first cloud-based platform to help developers build third-party applications for the smart grid & home for the growing number of smart home devices, like smart appliances. The apps can also be used on different operating systems and environments. Read more about Tendril’s privacy requirements on our Smart Grid & Home Platforms page.


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