The AT&T AppCenter is the official AT&T storefront for downloadable content including applications. The AT&T Developer Program enables developers to submit applications for distribution through AT&T storefronts and programs through the AT&T Developer Dashboard. All apps and games in AppCenter must conform to the AT&T Mobility Content Standards & Application Requirements Developer Reference (“Content Standards,” last updated 05/19/2011).

  • Privacy Requirements
    • Privacy Policy: You must provide and display a commercially reasonable privacy policy outlining your uses of consumer information and the protections provided within your application. (See the AT&T API Platform Guidelines, Privacy section
  • Location Data: User location information that is collected in the use of Location-based Services (LBS) are subject to the following requirements. See Section 10 of the Content Standards for more information.
    • Notice
      • Must contain: 1) how and when location information will be collected, used, and/or disclosed; 2) how the information will be secured; 3) how long the information will be retained; and 4) how the LBS may be terminated.
      • Consent: Must be obtained prior to sharing their location information.
    • Automatic location sharing
      • Notice:  Users must be informed whether the app/service enables automatic location sharing (or tracking) and the availability of privacy options or controls to restrict location sharing.
      • Consent:  If the LBS product enables automatic sharing, consent must be 1) affirmative; 2) apart from and prior to use; and 3) a record of consent must be maintained.
      • Tools to Control Automatic Location Sharing: 1) the user must be able to determine when and with whom their location information is automatically shared; and 2) the user must be provided with clear and easily understandable instructions on how to prevent their location information from being automatically shared.
    • Child Protection Requirements:
      • Age screening mechanisms: designed to determine/confirm whether the user is under 18 and, if so, whether the user also is under 14 years of age
      • Notification: Parent/AT&T account holder notification when: 1) a user under 18 activates LBS; 2) a user consents to the terms of a LBS product
      • Controls: Enable and notify the parent/AT&T account holder of the ability to block activation of LBS by a child, and/or deactivate such products 
  • Useful Resources:
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