Android M and Privacy: Giving Users Control over App Permissions

Jun 23, 2015

Android M and Privacy: Giving Users Control over App Permissions Android M promises to deliver several new user-control features built to advance transparency, choice, and predictability. The new App Permissions system allows users to select permissions specific to each app and device feature. The granular system requires apps to request user permissions individually as the [...]


‘Understanding Beacons’ Guide Addresses Widespread Confusion about the New Technology

Dec 11, 2014

Local Search Association and Future of Privacy Forum release a simple and concise primer that explains how the Bluetooth devices work and how privacy friendly controls ensure user control. As competition for fickle and frugal holiday shoppers kicks into high gear, traditional retailers are seeking new ways to bring consumers into stores and provide them [...]


Barclays Launches Beacons to Help Disabled Customers

Dec 4, 2014

Barclays just launched a beacon technology system in a UK branch to help disabled customers with their accessibility needs. The service, which requires customers to download an app and opt-in, notifies the Barclays staff if a customer with disabilities enters the branch. This way, the staff can provide quicker and more tailored services to any [...]


Beacons Help Blind Travelers Navigate Airport

Oct 29, 2014

San Francisco Airport is testing a beacon system to help blind and visually impaired travelers navigate around one of its new terminals. Working with beacon company, SFO has set up hundreds of beacons all over the terminal.  Each beacon broadcasts signals using Bluetooth low energy.   If a user downloads the app onto his or [...]


COPPA is a Big Deal

Sep 17, 2014

Developers take note: COPPA is a very big stick. Yelp and children’s mobile developer TinyCo recently settled with the FTC over charges that they improperly collected kids’ information. According to the FTC, a recent complaint against Yelp alleged that “several thousand users who registered through Yelp’s mobile app provided a date of birth that showed [...]


Parents Can Now Find the Right Apps For Kids

Sep 16, 2014

We are pleased to see a search tool to help families find apps for their kids. ACT has worked with Moms With Apps to launch the new Moms With Apps parent-facing site. Moms With Apps provides parents with information to help them decide which app is right for their kids. You can check out the site [...]