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This page contains privacy guidance for Facebook application developers. 


Where do I get a Privacy Policy?

Why do I need a Privacy Policy?

Facebook requires it.
Facebook’s Platform Policies state that “You will have a privacy policy that tells users what user data you are going to use and how you will use, display, share, or transfer that data and you will include your privacy policy URL in the Developer Application.” Section II(3).

The California Attorney General’s office requires it. The California Attorney General’s office maintains that apps are obligated by California law to have privacy policies.

It’s a Best Practice and it helps gain user trust. Virtually all privacy guidance for app developers recommends having a privacy policy that accurately describes your data practices. Having an accurate privacy policy also promotes trust among users, encouraging adoption and use of your app.

What should my Privacy Policy say?

At a minimum, your privacy policy should explain how you collect, use, share or disclose, and store user information.
Your privacy policy should be clear, easy to read, and concise.

Know your partners. When using third-party code or software development kits (SDKs)—such as those from advertising networks or analytics—make sure you understand what the code is doing and the practices of those third parties.

Explain your relationship with analytics and advertising networks to users. Provide the appropriate notices and choices for users to opt out. Note that if you share information with your ad network that can be used to tailor ads elsewhere or if you display behaviorally targeted ads, you may be obligated to label those ads in compliance with the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising.

Don’t just cut and paste a privacy policy from another app or website. Carefully work through your app to understand it in your own terms, then do your best to communicate that to your users.

For detailed guidance, check out our App Privacy Guidelines page.


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